My Minions Ask...

Fawner The Question The Emperor Replies
Karlene, Los Angeles, CA Is every one of your poems based on your own life experience? When I first started out, they were, and still are from time to time, but mostly now I write about the characters I see and read about on a daily basis.
Niki, Redondo Beach, CA Do you write about spontaneous moments in your life? Only if they're interesting.
Amy, Lexington, KY How does your childhood play into your writing? Not knowing why my father chose to live without me in his life has lead me to portray myself in my poems as a character who acts tougher than I really am.
Rene, Long Beach, CA What's your process? I take a title or stanza from my notebook and write the poem around it.
Iris, Los Angeles, CA What part of your body do you write from? In this order:  Heart, head, crotch.
Roxy, Adelaide, Australia What transition has your writing made through technology I have made no transition. I write with a pen, paper, and notebook.  The only time modern technology gets involoved is when I type up my poems for storage onto my laptop.  I keep paper copies of each poem as well...old habits die hard.
Suzanne, Bend, OR Are you going to try to get your work in the hands of larger publishers to increase your fan base? Of course I am! Though as of yet, they are slacking in the matters of recognizing my genius.
Maria, Long Beach, NY Do you find the process of writing cathartic and do you see yourself emerging through it? If not for the page, I'd be even more emotionally stunted than I already am.  Without this outlet I'd still be holding onto ghosts I'm better off without.