Published Works by Michael N. Thompson


234 pages, published September, 2014

A Murder of Crows


Michael N. Thompson’s A Murder of Crows synthesizes urban pastorals with caustic commentary in a poetic pilgrimage down the road of redemption. Thompson makes frequent pit stops for mockery and scorn, and the journey is punctuated by odes to serial killers and elegies for fallen heroes. His circuitous route will leave you dizzy and dark with the knowledge that not everyone is meant to be redeemed.

69 pages, published April, 2012

Verbal Alchemy


Deep inside the belly of the beast that's caked with the status quo,

politically correct meat puppets in denial that the Los Angeles riots

even happened, and suckerfish still living in an age when Kerouac ruled

the roost, ‘Verbal Alchemy’ was born like a cell in a Petri dish. Straight

out of an existence backwashed with dance hall girls, street dwellers

and dead heroes who communicate through visions, Michael N. Thompson

is merely the chronicler for these slices of purple mountain majesty.

Having a fascination with serial killers is just the cherry on this macabre sundae.


Also available for e-readers:

164 pages, published November 12, 2009



 This Hollow Pierces


The collateral damage of love, death and gritty life in the cruel city

are on display in this collection of vignettes destined to make you

feel like you're right there as the action happens.

71 pages, published February 8, 2008


Dancing Inside The Mouth Of Madness 


I kept the words I wrote in my head as a boy stored through

the loveless days of my adolescence and the alcohol induced

promiscuous years as a young man when I numbed myself by

any means necessary. The scars previously locked up bled onto

the page like rivers of repressed memories until they became

the poems you have before you.


Anthologies / Independent Journals and Publications

Publication Title
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Pooka Press Story Of My Life
Rusty Truck Sixties, Unworthy Beatnicks, Holywood, The Bleat Generation, A Wannberg-Inspired Poem, Jack of Hearts
Asterius Press Spiders, Hubert
San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly Family Room, Postage Due
Deuce Coupe Between Daly City And Half Moon Bay, Anne Sexton, Noir, Santa Cruz Poet
Word Riot Pork Pie Hat
Gloom Cupboard Damned
Scythe Literary Journal Young Turk, Salve
Full Of Crow Fault Line, Shangri-La, Diablo's Circus, Tennessee, Bleach From A Dirty Glass, Mixtape
Heavy Bear Magazine Devil's Lounge, White Noise
Blinking Cursor Vignettes From A Postcard Town, The Hero In Side
The Eunoia Review Blaine, Girls Of Summer, Quicksilver, Inside The Joint
Gutter Eloquence Counter Culture, Binghampton
The Rose & Thorn Journal Guitar Town
Lummox Press

Blame Bukowski

The Montucky Review


Zygote In My Coffee #138

War Stories, Bite the Capsule, Darby, War All The Time, Pocket Pool, Music

Zygote In My Coffee #141

Green River, Electric Chuch of the Poisoned Mind, Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, So-Called Scribes

Hobo Camp Review The Downward Spiral of the Genuine Article, Texarkana, Another Wannsberg Influenced Poem, Hard Times Come Easy and Birth To Burial
Fried Chicken and Coffee Joplin
This is Poetry Crisp, Soliloquy for the Vain, While Writing Poems in Russian Hill
Yellow Chair Review Identity Crisis, Eulogies On Speed Dial
Arsenic Lobster The Waiting
San Pedro River Review El Rey